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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 30, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> breaking now on "action news" a-woman and children endure a terrifying and violent home invasion. philadelphia police are on the scene and so he are we he. >> also breaking overnight, georgia executes its only woman on death row despite last ditch appeals and cries from countless supporters. >> heavy overnight rain is moving out of the region but this is just round one. good morning everyone, it's 5:30 on this wednesday. tam and david are off. we have nydia han, karen rogers and matt pelman. good morning. >> good morning. storm tracker6 live double scan showing us that that heavy rain is out of here but as we look on double scan we can see some showers in spots. and they're coming down pretty good right on the schuylkill expressway if you're in norristown you're a little wet, malvern along route three, route one through chester county, in new jersey in writes towns, browns mills on 206, route 73 he in marm
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ton a bit wet right now and route 40 down near elmer. so, we're dealing with some rain through the morning at times its not terribly wet out there. that heavy rain you can see he on satellite6 and action radar really pulled out of here. it's a day with lots of clouds but we can see some of this pulling in from the south. we'll see some showers at times today and it could come down pretty good at times. we have humidity that's way up there. you really feel the moisture. 76 degrees already in philadelphia, so step outside we're already above our average high for this date but temperatures aren't going very far because we've got lots of clouds and some showers. we're holding in the upper 70's today. here's what you're going to look at today. by 9:00 a.m., 76, lots of clouds, little bit of rain or a shower here or there. by noon, 78 degrees, by 3:00 p.m., 75. by 6:00 p.m., 73 coming down from your high of 78. at any time you could see a shower or a quick downpour with the humidity way up there and so much moisture in the atmosphere but all of this is just the beginning. matt. so, we've got more rain to track on the way and it's going to be heavy. >> and as you know so well, it
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doesn't take a lot of wetness, karen, to give us big problems with the morning commute. already early on this wednesday morning, we have seen a few issues and the wazers warned us about this one its a broken down vehicle in the southbound lanes of 95 just south of allegheny avenue. however, with the waze app we were hearing it was off to the side. it's actually not. it's taking out the right lane so causing people to need to make that last minute merge over to the left headed down towards girard and it is already causing some slowing coming away from the betsy ross bridge. broken down vehicle on 95 southbound just south of allegheny. we'll keep tabs on that. we also continue to watch the ben franklin parkway where the inner drives remain shut down this morning, so once again, we expect a slow morning ride through the art museum area. this is the roosevelt boulevard in east falls. no big problems here as you come southbound toward the schuylkill expressway. farther north between rhawn and woodward there's construction blocking the inner drive for another half hour but you can get by in the outer drive so not a huge deal. in exton chester county
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they're still working to unclog the drains. still have some high water along 202 northbound right where 30 comes in so we're starting to see people tap the brakes because just one lane is opened there. and there's also some high water in egg harbor city along route 30, the white horse pike, at route 50. a lane is blocked there close to the dunkin' donuts. matt and nydia. >> thank you matt. we are following breaking news. police say a woman and children hid in their closets while robbers ransacked their philadelphia home this morning. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim is live on the scene on sellers street in the frankford section. eva. >> reporter: matt, a frightening way to wake up. a frankford man was asleep in his bed when two robbers woke him up with two guns in his face. now, police say the two guys in masks broke into this house on the 1300 block of sellers street through the side alley. investigators tell us the robbers went as far as to unscrew the motion sensor light before breaking the glass on a door and getting in. once inside, a 51-year-old man
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telling police he was asleep when the two woke him up, tide his hands behind his back with electrical cords and gagged him with a button down shirt. also home at the time, his 52-year-old wife and 10-year-old grandson. >> the wife and the 10-year-old grandson were in another bedroom and they were hiding under the bed. they don't know whether or not the perpetrators knew they were in the house. but the perpetrators never touched the grandmother or the 10-year-old son. >> reporter: now, back out here live outsang you can see detectives here. the robbers took about $200, a big screen tv and a play station before ransacking the home and leaving. police tell us there are actually a lot of cameras both in that alley beside the house and also on the street. if you know anything about this home invasion you're asked to call philadelphia police. in the frankford section, eva pilgrim channel6 "action news." >> thank you eva.
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also breaking overnight a 47-year-old death row inmate became the first woman in georgia to be executed in 70 years. >> ordered execution of kelly renee gissendaner was carried out in accordance with state law. >> kelly gissendaner was put to death despite a plea from the woman's three children and pope francis. she was convicted in the 1997 murder of her husband which she convinced her lover to carry out. moments before her execution, gissendaner apologized saying she loved her children and wanted them to know she went out singing amazing grace. >> happening today, jury deliberations resume in the trial of a former new jersey police officer accused of murder. james stuart is charged in the death of his friend david compton. defense lawyers argue the 2013 shooting was an accident. stuart was off duty at the time. prosecutors say the former deptford officer acted recklessly. a memorial service will be held in central jersey today for the high school football player who died after last
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week's game. a medical exam showed evan murray died from a lacerated spleen. the warren hills player collapsed on the sidelines following a lit on the field last friday. the high school is closing tomorrow for murray's funeral. this weekend players in two local leagues will wear special helmet decals in murray's memory and observe a moment of silence. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf has vetoed the republican legislature's short term spending plan. the three month long budget stalemate is leading to big time borrowing for schools. the state's auditor general found that 17 school districts and two intermediate units have borrowed a total of $346 million to make up for the stoppage in state payments. the biggest borrower is the philadelphia school district at $275 million. >> a new report today on the economic impact of the pope's visit finds that for many businesses, their prayers were not answered. city control hen controller says
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were down 80 percent in sales and most restaurants did less than half of their normal activity for the weekend. they mostly lost money on extra inventory and staff after expecting larger crowds. >> this whole thing was sold as if it was going to be a tremendous boost to the local economy. >> hotels, however, did see a boost over the weekend. that's thanks to the greater philadelphia hotel association's reaction to low projections early on and a change in its marketing strategy. we stayed at the marriott there. 1400 rooms they all checked out on monday. >> wow. >> must have been some lines. >> yeah, it was a little crazy. >> long lines to deal with that, right. >> they handled it well, though. >> fortunately we had the dry weather because the weather is turning wet in a fast way and really staying that way for a few days. let's take a look right now at storm tracker6 live double scan and we can see the heavy rain we had from last night is out of here but not entirely out of the woods for your
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morning commute. let's go in a little closer to this and with double scan we can see who is getting the showers and for the most part it's just showers but here in norristown you're a bit wet, in malvern along route three, route one right here, just west of the city. in new jersey in wrightstown, in browns mills, right along 206 it's particularly heavy right now and through medford along 73, a few spotty cells, you see them out here and near hammonton as well and along route 40. let's take a look outside right now and see what it looks like. lots of clouds and the roads werare wet. we got a lot of rain last night. even though it's not raining hard right now. 76 degrees the current temperature. step outside it feels warm. we're already above our average high for this date but temperatures hold in the 70's and we've pulled in our always on day planner to give you an idea what that's going to look at. dewpoint 73 giving you an idea the air is very saturated. winds out of the south-southwest kind of
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pulling up the warm and moist humid air mass. satellite6 and action radar showing that heavy rain in motion. you see how it moved right through our area and now it's up to the north and east. behind it we're seeing clouds, we're seeing some showers that will be kind of peppered through. you can see down to the south some of those showers that may pull through. let's show you what this looks like on future tracker. this is a look at 8 o'clock this morning and this model shows some showers here or there, not terribly wet but enough that it's going to be a bit damp out there. at 1:30 we're still dealing with lots of clouds, maybe a shower or two here or there. by 8 o'clock tonight, some more showers. so i know this is the time of year so many people have sports activities, things they want to do and the weather is not horribly wet but certainly you could expect shower during that activity and lots ahead. let's look at the day ahead. by 11:00 77. you see how the edges aren't budging. 2:00 p.m. 76. by 5:00 p.m. 75 degrees. staying with the clouds, staying with temperatures at least above average and a shower here or there during the day. and the reason that we're
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really expecting the tropical moisture to hit us in a big way is this area of low pressure in atlanta, this upper level low causes kind of a kink in the jet stream. see how it's tilted more negatively. then we expect the tropical moisture to move right in and that tropical moisture centered around joaquin. i just read the national hurricane's latest updates. they're sending hurricane hunters rider now through joaquin. still at 70 miles an hour winds but expected today to become a hurricane currently a tropical storm so watch the progression of this because it does head right through our area. looks like on monday at 2:00 a.m. it will be a hurricane, hurricane one status and then we're looking at it headed towards the area but look at the cone right here. so, what we can see he is there still is a cone of uncertainty and we'll track it closely but certainly headed our way. we are definitely going to feel the effects with heavy rain through the region at least. let's take a look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day. clouds today, some showers. not a terribly wet day today. 78 degrees for your high. and then tomorrow it's much cooler, it's windy with rain, especially at night,
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60 degrees for your high. raining into friday, cool and rainy on friday, 57 degrees. saturday windy, rain at times, 66. sunday breezy, still some rain, 68. it looks at this point that we try to recover on monday with just a couple of showers, clouds giving way to maybe a few more peeks of sunshine and 70. tuesday partly sunny skies and 70 but of course through the weekend watching how close what will be then hurricane joaquin come to our area. >> okay. thank you karen. 5:41 now. still ahead on "action news," a toy gun caused a big scare at a delaware county school. we'll have the details. >> a man with freshma fresh mane is on the run after robbing a philadelphia salon. >> along 309 near walnut street across from the post office aside from being a little wet and traffic stopped at the traffic light we're moving along okay. we'll see how things are doing on two oh he two with the flooding and check a disabled vehicle on 95 after the break. >> and a look at some
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businesses giving back. that's coming up when "action news" continues. how much protein does your dog food have?
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>> ♪ >> 5:44, 74 degrees, roads and bridges a little wet out there. sky6 hd taking a live look at the platt bridge. we are post pope and trying get back to normal, right,
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matt. >> post pope, i like that, yes. we are trying get back to normal. still a few closures around the parkway nydia and matt with papal cleanup going on but slowly but surely things are returning to normal. coming out of the suburbs, it's a little abnormal because it's wet and we're not used to that. on 202 flooding in the northbound lanes by the 30 bypass as you head towards the work zone. looks like the the crews that were out here blocking one of the two lanes just pulled out of the way so both lanes opened which bodes better for your morning commute because that was going to be a mess if one of the two lanes were blocked there at that busy merge. in norristown watching a downed tree this morning partially blocking elm street at swede street and we had a disabled vehicle in lower moreland by the citgo station along byberry road. looks like that cleared out. in issues on the pennsylvania turnpike. on the new jersey turnpike between exits four and 7a speed limits 55 miles per hour
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because of the wet conditions so we should be dropping about 10 miles per hour off that speed. we are sitting at 55 over on 295 as you travel between camden county and burlington county. and we're still without the ramp from 70 eastbound to 41. that's king's highway. it's because of a downed pole. remember to use the eastbound off-ramp to grove street as an alternate. time for the commuter report brought to you by the waze app. we have that broken down vehicle on 95 southbound just south of allegheny giving us an early morning jam in the normally busy spot. so as you come down from the betsy ross bridge you're hitting the brakes because of that dv up ahead in the right lane. stay over on aramingo avenue. that's nice and clear at this point. matt. >> thank you, matt. philadelphia police are looking for a man who got a manicure and then robbed the salon. this is surveillance from rock lands nails in the city's logan section on sunday. employees say when it was time to pay the bill the man pulled out a sawed off shot gun and cleaned out several cash drawers. the robber got a way. no one was physically hurt. >> a 15-year-old in chester
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will be charged for bringing a toy gone school but some officials are pushing for a tougher punishment. the toy gun caused chester high school to go into lockdown yesterday morning. the teen is back home and will not face a felony. a delaware county probation official determined although the gun very realistic looking because it is not an actual firearm the tenth grader can only be charged with a misdemeanor of possession of a weapon on school grounds. that has incensed chester's police commissioner. >> sends a horrendous message to this community that you can do what you damn well please and if it looks like a toy, you can put it out. i'm appalled that anybody would think that way in the city. we have so much violence. >> the delaware county d.a. says it's worth reviewing the current law to see if this is a loophole that can be closed but says for now authorities hands are tied. 5:47 now that it is week is our first fyi philly give back special, a celebration of
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those who do just that. we are showcasing businesses and events with a charitable component. >> ♪ fourth annual feast celebration brings together renowned chefs and local growers who bring together a feast. really cool things to eat coming from your garden. >> especially in philadelphia with so many rich cultural traditions. >> reporter: the event faces money for the harvest program which donates 20,000 pounds of produce a year to under served communities, enough to feed 1200 families a week during the growing season. >> people who are coming to feast are going to be supporting a really valuable program in the city. >> reporter: phs uses recycled crops from the flower show to transform a warehouse at the navy yard into a rustic delicious party venue. >> you can go from table to table and taste all these amazing garden fresh dishes from chefs. you can ask the chef your cooking questions.
5:49 am
you can ask growers your gardening tips. you also get to vote on your favorite dish of the night. >> reporter: this is like a foodie paradise. >> yes. >> reporter: i love it. sounds like a place i need to be. >> fyi philly. a former celebrity dancer wants a chance to get back on the dance floor. >> a swarm of bees attacks on an interstate in oklahoma. >> ♪
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dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced dark roast coffee for 99 cents. >> five candidates for philadelphia mayor met for a forum in center city last nightly our tamala edwards moderated the event featuring democrat jim kenney, republican melissa marie bailey and three other candidates listed on the ballot jim foster osbourne heart and boris kindage.
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>> trying to keep the traffic in line this morning but we've had a few misbehavers like a broken down vehicle along 95 southbound just past allegheny. now towed out of the way but it gave us an early morning delay coming south of the betsy ross bridge in toward girard avenue. no delays yet here on our good buddy ben, the ben franklin bridge although he's a little bit damp this morning and of course we have that ongoing construction in the eastbound right lane. and we're all back to normal across-the-board on mass transit and so far this morning everything is on time believe it or not, karen. >> i like that we strive for just normal, not even looking for better than that. storm tracker6 live double scan showing heavy rain out of here but yes, we've got some showers. you're seeing it near malvern. we've got some showers in south jersey near browns mills, marlton, hammonton and glassboro right now. not terribly wet today but lots of clouds and some showers at times. the high today of 78. if you're flying out of town, let's see if we have any travel delays. not just yet but you want to
5:53 am
watch for it here in philadelphia with lots of clouds and rain at times and boston getting some pretty good rain but no delays. we are however seeing 90 minute delays so that's a good long delay in new york city. that's 'cause the rain that we had that was so heavy up now through new york, matt and tam. >> they're dealing with it. thank you karen. a truck hauling honeybees rolled over on an oklahoma highway and several million bees escaped. the swarm consumed emergency vehicles on the scene. it took several hours for bee keepers to clear the scene of the flying insects. traffic was backed up for miles. >> "dancing with the stars" contestant kim zolciak has launched a petition to bring her back to the dance floor. zolciak was forced to withdraw from the competition after suffering a mini stroke. doctors had cleared her to dance but the reality star was not cleared to fly out to los angeles. dancing rules state contestants who are unable to participate in the week's show are automatically eliminated. zolciak had offered to dance with partner tony dovolani by
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satellite. >> up next, new jersey governor chris christie picks up two key endorsements. >> plus a wireless war is happening between the top phone companies and it's the consumer coming out on top. that story and more coming up at 6:00. ♪ royal caribbean's wow sale is back. buy one get one half off. plus free upgrades and up to $200 onboard spending money. it all ends september 30th, so call 1-800-royal-caribbean or your travel agent today.
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bacteria. the surgery to remove the right leg of juan carlo gill was to stop the bacteria from spread further. necrotizing fasciitis. a sports injury may have helped the bacteria spread. >> new jersey governor chris christie picked up two key endorsements in iowa. the republican presidential candidate held a news conference yesterday to announce the backing of six wealthy businessmen. analysts speculate this could be the shot in the arm that christie needs to improve his standing in i want he's currently in 13th place among his gop competitors. >> time is now 5:57 and we're following breaking news. robbers tie up one person during a home invasion in frankford while others hide. a live report is next. >> one airline in making it a lot easier make sure you don't loss your checked luggage. we'll explain when "action news" continues.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday, accept 30th. tam is off, nydia han joins us. breaking this morning. >> a man was bound by two masked men who then ransacked his home all while a woman and three children hid nearby. we're life with details. >> temple students on alert after two incidents near campus including a violent sexual assault. >> accuweather is track several rounds of rain including tropical downpours. >> karen rogers outside. she's in for david and we have matt pelman for traffic. >> only damp out here right now but you feel like you're in the tropics. it's horribly humid out here right now. let's take a look at storm


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